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Are you interested in changing your life? Practicing Universal Laws will indeed change your life and the law of attraction is the focus. I have an idea that for the many people who try to bring things they deliberately desire into manifestation by thought, unfortunately fail. When we are brainwashed and forced to think in certain ways for the benefit of the elite (cultural capitalists), we lose touch with ourselves and what we are forced to learn and think, unfortunately overpowers our personal deliberate thoughts and makes it difficult to bring that which we desire into manifestation.

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Deception is holding you back $3


Genesis: flat domed Earth $2

Book Cover Interpreting

So, when we watch videos online or join online webinars or attend seminars regarding the law of attraction and we practice the law of attraction, many fail to bring that which they desire into manifestation because social conditioning causes blockages to our natural thought patterns. Therefore; we must change our thoughts in order to change our lives. These books will show you how to do this. The beginning books are necessary to read prior to all of the other books that I write because there is an order for learning here. Welcome to your awakening or confirmation!