Creating our lives is something that is supposed to be natural to us. WE are supposed to create our lives; however, this is not always the case. Many of our ancestors gave into the control and brainwashing of the elite. The elite control the masses and; guess what, as a thought brings reality, one person a long time ago came up with an idea of controlling someone. Once people see that they can control others, they eventually realize that they con control groups, and then the masses.

What we have now is complete control of the masses by a smaller amount of people in control. This is sad, really. All the elite have to do to keep the masses controlled as puppets and slaves is to instill fear in them. Fear is the opposite on the spectrum of love. Love is the only real, true, absolute feeling. Fear was created as a polarity, as being relative to love. They are complete dichotomies and the reason God would create fear is to know what love is. If all that could be experienced was love, and love is the absolute, then something had to be created that was not love and not absolute in order to know what love is. This is relativity!

Until you know where you came from and what you are capable of, you will never truly know thyself. You will find road blocks and defeat, even self-defeat because you do not remember what you are capable of. Whether you believe that you were created by God in his image or mother nature; they both create, then you too are creators. There can be no other way. You simply do not know that you are a super being living a human experience because you were made to forget. This is another topic completely that I will discuss on another page. You were made to forget for as a plan between our creator and ourselves and we simply need to remember; however, many of us are unable to reach this goal because the elite muddy our brains and bodies so that we do not remember what we are capable of. Otherwise, they would not be the elite because we would all be able to achieve what they do if they actually let us. Do you see that happening?

The bottom line is that it is hard for many people to see past the brainwashing that they have endured to make positive changes in their lives.  Apparently it is good enough to think you are making changes when you get a raise and a promotion. Been there, done that. Apparently many believe that money is real and as long as we are making it, we have accomplished things. I think that some of you are aware that money comes from a tree and that it is fake and that we put numerical value on it because that is what we were taught to do. Money is a tool for the elite and if they were without tools, they would be without power. Without  fear…no power. We have to have money or we will be homeless, correct? FEAR! We have to buy food with money or we will starve, correct? FEAR!  Green paper with numbers on it was created as a tool for fear and fear is used for the purpose of control. Control includes brainwashing and slave making to create puppets.

As a puppet, it is hard for you to see past the daily grind and because of this, you will be stuck for life if you do not see past all of this deception. It is time to wake up; however, people think I am crazy when I say this and call me a new-ager and many fail to awaken. I am here to guide you to awaken. The worst thing that you can do is to shovel this information into a hole.