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I cannot say that we are all waiting for an awakening; but, I can say that I have always known that there is more than what we remember and see. I have thought about a collective mind and the law of attraction always in all ways. The beauty marks on my body come in 3s and I always thought this was well a little strange at first, then I knew it had to do with a message or code, but then I realized that this is most likely to do with the Holy Trinity…WOW! I also realized that certain numbers have meaning, they are sacred and when they show themselves many times it is because we are supposed to remember the meanings of those particular numbers.

Cogito; ergo, sum (translated to “I think; therefore, I Am”) is a favorite quote of mine by Rene Descartes. I believe he was teaching us something. I have been studying the law of attraction as well as the laws of the universe more so now than ever before. Interestingly, I was able to listen to a video about a man’s dialogue with God. Actually, it was one dialogue split into three videos that are approximately 2 hours each. The most chilling part of the videos is when the man said that God said, “The people who are listening to this are supposed to be listening.” This is because God communicates to us in every way possible and through this man’s dialogue, I was able to hear God.

As I preach that the mind must be CLEAR from most societal thinking which pulls us into bondage, I feel I can better bring things into manifestation by using the “thought to meditation process. This worked for me at the end of 2014 when I said that I AM a home owner and 2 months later I was. I was purchasing the mobile home already, but then 2 months later I was able to buy another mobile home.  This was confirmation of what I always knew, ask and you shall receive!

My point is that there are many ways to hear God and there are many ways that one can awaken. I invite you to your AWAKENING!