I don’t think I have ever been attacked like I was attacked for the past week. I watched a video about a week and a half ago. I made a comment and these people do not agree with my comments and either call me names or tell me that I cannot be reached. I am there to reach them. Christians are typically loving and speak nicely to others. This bunch, they need manners. Firstly, if you are going to preach to others, if you are sincerely interested in interpreting the bible and then taking responsibility for the interpretations you make by telling others you speak truth, please make sure your interpretations are truth.

If you follow a false God and feel you are following the real Creator; you have been deceived. If you preach you are following the true creator and you want others to follow you, you are deceiving others; even if you are unaware. Please be aware of what you are preaching and while doing so; please, consciously take responsibility for the lives you are deceiving.