Welcome to your awakening! There is nothing better in life than going back to the basics and using the basics a foundation that we can properly build upon.

You will notice that I have a video on each of my websites on a left or right sidebar. It is there to raise your vibrations and can be played while you read content on each page if you like 🙂

This Site is Only Part of a Larger Community that I have Created

The website Creators of Our Lives and MS Philosopher’s Place for Healing work hand and hand to heal body, mind and spirit for soul evolution. Historically it was normal to take for truth or at least consideration the wise words of philosophers. This has not been the case though in the recent past. Philosophy and religion (the Bible) among other ways of thinking and knowing has had no epistemological value in the scientific realm. Objective research has been favored over subjective research and intuition took the back seat for intellect in order for the elite, the cultural capitalists of the world to use many of us as their mental and physical slaves.

If others have the ability to make people their slaves, they must be using higher order thinking in order for their thoughts to manifest that which they desire.

Do we all have the ability to do the same? Yes; in fact, we do. Why we do not use this ability will be discussed in the many eBooks that I have to offer for sale. The eBooks will inform you about how we succumb to the desires of others and why we are ruled by an elite. We have the ability to think, desire and act in order to manifest that which we desire; but yet, many of us do not.

It is said that we use only 10% of our mind’s power and that means that we have 90% to develop and use. How did it come to be that our God-given powers (the other 90%) have become a secret to us? What can we achieve? How much can we obtain? Are we deserving of happiness and experiences that fill us with joy?

What did Rene Descartes mean when he said, “I think; therefore, I am.” Was he revealing to us our innate ability to create our realities? Well, most of us do not, rather; we let cultural capitalists do this for us.

Cogito Ergo Sum: I think; therefore, I Am

Descartes brought to us the philosophical line, cogito ergo sum which translates to I think; therefore, I am. What must he had been thinking? Was he questioning reality? Was he questioning his existence? Do you question yours? Do you ask what is and is not real? Do you wonder why we value that which others decide is valuable? Was Descartes informing us that as long as we think, we are whatever we want to be because as long as I think, I exist and therefore I am? I have the ability to think; therefore, I must exist in some form. In my thinking I am.

We must look within to find these answers. So when we finally decide to stop looking outside of ourselves for answers to everything; then, we can be who we were meant to be.

If You Don’t Look Within, You Will Be Without (Bob Proctor)

If what you value is opposite to what you practice, you are NOT the creator of your reality. Rather, you value what you are told to value; and this my friends, is brainwashing at its finest. You have fallen into the hands of cultural capitalists and succumbed to becoming puppets. We must look within for answers or we will be without. When we look outside of ourselves we let others define who we are so we live without. What are we living without? Everything! Let’s face it, once we choose to look externally, we confirm that it is OK to let others create reality for us.

Creating Your Reality

If you succumb to the needs of others; if you are a slave to capitalism and influenced by the media and believe that a happy life consists of being a part of the consumer matrix…you have it bad! You are by no means the creator of your reality. You are an endorser of “I-One-Up-You-Ism.” You have signed off your rights to your energy and in a collective universe where energy can be shifted and create abundance, if you do not utilize it positively, someone else will!

These teachings are extremely old and you know all of this; but, when you were born you were made to forget. It is in your lifetimes that you are supposed to remember this information and who you really are. Therefore, this topic is in no way new; however, now that it is coming out in certain circles across the Earth, some people are calling it new age thinking.

New Age Thinking

The great philosophers have asked many questions until one might think that they will run out of questions to ask and societies have either followed or condemned hem. I am a philosopher, whether I like it or not. I was told by a limited mind that most people do not think as I do and this was said to me as an insult. Well, I did not take it as an insult; rather, I took it as a compliment. Let’s face it folks, many people are not enlightened or awakened so they think the same way as their neighbors because they are still half asleep being robots for the elite. I am analytical and I am constantly looking for answers for truths because this is more important to me than being a robot. Therefore, it is important to think different!

It is my opinion that philosophers have asked the greatest questions asked and have come up with fine hypotheses and theories. They are both subjective and objective in their views; thereby, able to show us that objectivity is not the only basis of knowledge. We are made up of mind, body and spirit so we cannot disregard the fact that we have feelings which are subjective and objective realities. A conundrum? No! This is simple work here… you don’t know who you are until you know who you are not. You are not the person that others have created and told what to value.

It is time to look within or continue to live without

The content that you are reading was prepared for enlightenment for those who are not yet believers in creative thinking. If you continue to be brainwashed, these words are for you. Do not shoot the messenger!

At all times in history, you will find the law of attraction called by different names, such as called positive thinking or like attracts like (As a man thinks in his heart, so is he: Proverbs 23.7 (Parson Rayphe)). In other words, I think; therefore, I am. What I think shall be created. Parson Rayphe sees the law of attraction as a new age term and defines it Biblically. I enjoyed his sermon on YouTube; however, he believes in the devil and I do not. The devil is a man-made concept and the word devil should be replaced with fear.

Chapters, eBooks and ecommerce

The eChapters and eBooks that are presented and sold in this community were written to benefit society. I would love to give this information to you for free; however, I do offer a lot of free information on my many websites and blogs in this community and I do have to make a living. I write and coach for a living. I have chosen to keep the cost for the eBooks at a bare minimum with the average cost between one and 5 dollars.

The Order in which I Post My Work

Rather than explain things in chronological order, I prefer to present societal issues first in order for you to understand that we are controlled by a body of people called cultural capitalists. If you believe in God, do you believe that S/He would let us live in misery unless we choose to do so or maybe we do not know better? Do you believe that God created a perfect universe and we are a part of the universe, and I mean we are the universe?

Obviously this is so because all energy in any form has to be a part of the Divine plan. If you choose not to believe in God and you instead believe in Mother Nature, you might believe that we evolved from the planet; therefore, still a part of the universe. May people talk as if we ar separate from the universe and in fact, Bob Proctor maintains that we talk as if we HAVE a soul when in fact, we are souls. Our souls use this body as a vessel. We are the soul and the body just a temporary costume.

There will be a lot of information in these books and I want you to remember that the order delivered is the best way possible for better understanding because I wrote the content in the books in a specific order. Please purchase the eBooks in the order that they are posted for the best experience. Thank you and warmest regards~